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リトルマーメイド 劇団四季 チケット [リトルマーメイド 劇団四季]

リトルマーメイド 劇団四季 チケットの案内です

  リトルマーメイド 劇団四季 チケット

8月/東京 2013/8/1(木) ~ 2013/8/31(土) 積水ハウスミュージカルシアター 四季劇場[夏](東京都)

9月/東京 2013/9/1(日) ~ 2013/9/29(日) 積水ハウスミュージカルシアター 四季劇場[夏](東京都)

10月/東京 2013/10/1(火) ~ 2013/10/31(木) 積水ハウスミュージカルシアター 四季劇場[夏](東京都)

11月/東京 2013/11/1(金) ~ 2013/11/30(土) 積水ハウスミュージカルシアター 四季劇場[夏](東京都)

12月/東京 2013/12/1(日) ~ 2013/12/31(火) 積水ハウスミュージカルシアター 四季劇場[夏](東京都)

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リトルマーメイド 劇団四季 [リトルマーメイド 劇団四季]



積水ハウスミュージカルシアター 四季劇場[夏]で





  劇団四季 リトルマーメイド チケット

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea [Special Edition] (2008) リトル・マーメイド II 輸入盤 (2000)

Ariel and her husband, Prince Eric, have a little problem with their daughter, Melody, in the sequel to Disney's landmark The Little Mermaid. Melody is threatened by Morgana, the evil sister of the sea witch Ursula (both voiced by Pat Carroll). Before you can say "Briar Rose," Melody's parents decide to keep their daughter's roots a secret, forbidding her to learn about the ocean while Morgana is around. Now the budding teenager secretly frolics in the sea with Ariel's old friends, Sebastian and Scuttle. When she learns the truth from Morgana, Melody becomes an unknowing pawn in her scheme--and Mom has to take to the sea again to help.
As with Disney's other made-for-video sequels, The Little Mermaid II looks and sounds wonderful (and reunites much of the same vocal talent). Four- to nine-year-olds who grew up with the original will certainly enjoy seeing the friends again. A new set of artists has come up with four catchy tunes and some fun new characters, including Tip and Dash, a pensive penguin and his blubbery walrus friend. Yet, where Beauty and the Beast had a deliberate Christmas-themed sequel, and Pocahontas told the tale of her historical trip to England, the plot here is very forced. It is pretty much a rehash of the first film with different characters. Tip and Dash are a reincarnation of Timon and Pumbaa, and Morgana is exactly like her sister, except thinner. Besides the stellar music, this unneeded sequel also misses another important aspect of the original--heart. --Doug Thomas
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リトルマーメイド 劇団四季 ブログトップ